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option trading strategy

If you're going to invest in options you will also need an option trading strategy. Perhaps not for beginners, options are known to be associated with higher risk taking than other investment forms. Getting educated will help you understand the market and also to develop a strategy. Strategies will involve things like assessing the market and calculating risks in connection with potential investments. Obviously the stakes with option trading are high, with chances of huge gains but also huge losses. Better safe than sorry may not apply.

What happened to summer?

It's not very late but it's completely dark outside and the air feels chilly. You can tell that we're in early September now. Where did the whole long summer go? It feels like it just arrived, and then it turned into...let's see... nothing. It feels like I sort of missed it. Sure, there were highlights. The biggest one was of course when my future husband was here to visit at the very beginning of summer. There were a few intense weeks that we now have to live on for quite some time. I miss him so very much. Can you ...

A lot of muffins

Today I started baking about 40 muffins. I use those special colored muffin cups and it is a party to see the really nice muffins. I even bought a special plate to show my muffins. I am proud of what I made and I hope my son will be proud as well. I made the muffins for his class party on Thursday. He already told the children in his class that I planned to make muffins and he was so happy that I said yes. Mum, you are the best muffin baker! Well, such a compliment makes you melt and ...